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Here we answer the most frequently asked questions. If the answer you're looking for isn't there, feel free to use the chat, or send us an email.

What is BIKIWIG?

It is a French brand of adjustable partial hair prostheses (also called hair supplements, hairpieces or hair crowns), which are worn in pairs with a cap, turban, hat, cap, scarf...
To begin with, the brand offers 2 models:
The Bangie: an adjustable, non-slip elasticated fringe.
The Krownie: Square crown adjustable and non-slip

How are BIKIWIGs different from hair prostheses already on the market?

BIKIWIGs are adaptable and adjustable to all body types thanks to an innovative anti-slip and adjustable fastening system protected by the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Protection). That's what makes them super comfortable partial wigs!

What material is the BIKIWIG hair made of?

It is Japanese high temperature fiber synthetic hair. 

Can we wash the

Of course! By hand with a mild shampoo or a specific shampoo for synthetic hair.

Can BIKIWIGs be looped?

Yes, they can be wavy with a straightener up to 150°C.

Why are the BIKIWIGs made of synthetic hair?

1) So that their price is accessible to as many people as possible.
2) For convenience. Natural hair is like your hair. They require as much maintenance (washing, styling, care, brushing), whereas synthetic hair retains its color and regains its shape after drying in the open air. It is therefore much easier on a daily basis!

Where will the Bikiwigs be marketed?

On our website initially. Subsequently at our partners (parapharmacies, wig makers, specialized stores).

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