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Care and maintenance 

Welcome to our page dedicated to the care of your Bikiwig hairpieces.

You will find tips and tricks to prolong the life of your hairpiece and to preserve its natural and silky appearance. Whether you're a regular or occasional user, here's the information you need to care for your hairpiece and keep it in top condition.


Pour a teaspoon of synthetic hair shampoo or mild shampoo into a basin of cold water. Leave to soak for 5 minutes without rubbing it. Wring gently between your hands without rubbing.


Do not use a hair dryer. Gently blot in a towel. Shake. Never style your wet Bikiwig. Allow to air dry.


Use a wide-toothed comb, your fingers, or a suitable brush. Start by untangling the bottom, from top to bottom then go up gradually, so as not to damage the fiber.


Your Bikiwig can be curled using a straightener or curler at a maximum temperature of 180°. Unlike your own hair, synthetic fibers only set when cooled. So let the curler cool down before releasing or use heated or foam curlers.


To restore vigor and shine to your BIKIWIG, you can spray it with a mixture of 1 part conditioner / 5 parts water


We advise you to put your Bikiwig hairpiece on a wig head, or to hang it using a clip hanger protected from dust. If you are not wearing your Bikiwig, or if you are traveling with it, we advise you to use the carrying pouch provided.

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