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The concept

Bikiwig is a solidarity hair solution for women who have lost their hair following chemotherapy.

Bikiwig is our version of the hairpiece for women who have lost their hair due to illness or medical treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Inspired by women's lingerie, they are designed specifically to be worn on bare heads, in addition to headgear (turban, bonnet, hat, cap), and adjustable for optimal comfort. Bikiwig is the perfect solution for women who can't stand wearing a traditional wig.

They hold on the head thanks to flexible, non-slip elastic bands, providing optimal comfort.


From need to creation

In April 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. What followed was a year-long battle punctuated by surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The loss of my hair was, as for all women who go through it, a terrible ordeal. I had nevertheless anticipated with the purchase of a very pretty wig that I hastened to put on. Unfortunately, after an hour I couldn't stand her anymore and she only very rarely left her stand. I then tried all the alternative hair solutions on the market without finding "hair on my head". Everything was uncomfortable for me.

That's when I was saddened by my countless bras and bikini tops that had become useless, the inspiration came to me and I began to imagine an adjustable, non-slip, light and comfortable hairpiece by recycling them. ! My first two attempts accompanied me until the regrowth of my hair.

It took a year, multiple tests and prototypes to find the ideal version whose fastening and holding system is unique and now protected.

Sylvie, founder of the brand

OUR PURPOSE: Your smile

Comfort, style, and solidarity

With us there is no compromise between quality, comfort and accessibility.

We know how supportive feeling pretty and feminine during illness is. This is why we are committed to offering you the prettiest hair made of high quality Japanese fiber. 

We designed the Bangie and Krownie with the aim that they are forgotten under your headgear as they are so comfortable and soft. For this we have developed an adjustable system thanks to an adjustable and non-slip elastic band directly inspired by bras ;-)

Finally, it is important for us to have a positive societal impact by:

  •   entrusting the production of Bikiwig to Ile-de-France professional reintegration associations to support the return to work of dozens of men and women,

  •   devoting part of the profits to the donation of Bikiwig hairpieces to women in need through associations and cancer care centers. 

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